Mini saga* : the secret

of my grandmother

Mini saga* : the secret <P> of my grandmother I will never forget the day that I discovered my grandmother´s secret. I was staying at her house and one warm night I was unable to sleep. I woke up to find my grandma in her red rocking chair undoing and then remaiking a crosstich that my grandfather had made.

*= Since 1988 the Telegraph newspaper has organized a "mini saga" competition. A mini saga is a very short story and it was invented by the well-known science-fiction writer Brian Aldiss. He was working on a very long novel at the time (three volumes) and he suddenly had the idea that it might be fun, as a complete contrast, to try to tell a whole story in just 50 words. The rules of the competition are simple. The text must be 50 word exactly, and it must tell a story. The best stories are published yearly in book form.

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esta muy chulo nuria,me ha gustado mucho ya sabes que yo y el ingles uf no somos buenos amigos pero me ha gustado mucho .mua