Dibujo desde Türkiye

Dibujo desde Türkiye

Murat desde Turquía me ha mandado este dibujo para mi blog. Quiere saber qué os parece y qué os sugiere o qué sentía cuando lo dibujo.

Murat from "Türkiye" send me this drawing for my blog. He wants to know what do you think about it and what kind of fellings you have when you look at it. Or what can be the feelings, he had while he was drawing it...

¡Muchas gracias Murat por colaborar en Zaragozando! ¡Thank you very much Murat for collaborate in Zaragozando!

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Miis Buñuel -

I think this draw is very sad and tender at the same time. I like a lot the line, and the simplicity. This face said more things. Thank you, Murat, to present to me your talent!